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 Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library's Shoah Collection:

(The following keywords in black will find testimonies in the EVPL collection)

Experience:  Jewish Survivor, Political Prisoner, Rescue and Aid, War Crimes Trial Participants

Religion:  Judaism, orthodox, reform, conservative, liberal, traditional, Hasidism - Netherlands Reformed Church - Atheism, not affiliated, non-observant/non-practicing, none

City/country:  Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Prussia, Romania, Russia, Yugoslavia,

Hid in:  apartments, barns, bunkers, caves, cellars, farms, houses, safe houses, Naliboki Forest

Liberated by:  armed forces, Soviet -or- United States -or- British 

Ghetto:  Cernauti, Chust, Cluj , Cracow, Csorna, Debica, Debrecen, Eger, Iza, Kaunas, Mátészalka, Minsk, Mukacevo, Nowy Korczyn,  Papa, Piotrkow, Pruzana, Riga, Satu Mare, Stanislawów, Theresienstadt, Tluste, Warsaw, Zdunska Wola

Camp type:  concentration, death, displaced persons, internment, refugee,
Camp:  Altenburg, Auschwitz, Auschwitz II-Birkenau, Austerlitz, Bergen-Belsen, Bruck an der Leitha , Buchenwald, Birkenau, Botten, Bromberg, Crawinkel, Dachau , Danzig, Drancy, Dunkelthal, Dworez , Ebensee , Faulbrück, Ferramonti-Tarsia, Finkenheerd, Fünfteichen, Fürstenfelde, Goddentow, Groden, Gross Masselwitz, Gross Rosen, Gunskirchen, Gurs, Hersbruck, Janinagrube, Kaufering, Kielce-HASAG, Krakau-Plaszow, Landsberg, Linz III, Majdanek, Malchow, Mauthausen, Melk, Mittelbau-Dora, München-Allach, Murom, Neuengamme, Neustadt-Glewe, Nováky, Ober Altstadt, Ohrdruf, Oranienburg-Heinkelwerke, Palemaonas, Pankratz, Poltusk, Posen, Ravensbrück, Riga-Kaiserwald, Riga-Lenta, Sachsenhausen, Salaspils, Schichau-Werft, Schwientochlowitz , Skarzysko-Kamienna, Spiegelberg, Starachowice, Strasshof, Stutthof, Taucha, Thorn, Topovske Supe, Treblinka II, Tschenstochau, Westerbork, Wien-Raasdorf,
Prison:  Pawiak, STALAG XI-A (POW camp), L.L. Hamburg Neuengamme SS-Arbeitslager A3

Trials:  Nuremberg, Zyklon B

Other events:  aid givers, Rescue and Aid, concealment of Jewish identity, Dutch,  forced labor, Kindertransport, kolkhoz,  liberators, medical experiments in the camps, orphanages and children's homes, protected houses, refugee children transports, Soviet exile, war crimes trial participants, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Yellow Star Houses
escapes from Aktionen -or- camps -or- ghettos -or- mass shootings -or- prisons
escapes during deportations -or- transfers

Resistance groups:  Armia Ludow, Irgun Zeva'i Le'ummi, Suvorov Brigade

The keyword search will not identify testimonies by keywords contained in questions:  i.e.:Hiding? underground, resistance or partisan groups? False identity?

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