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Survivor Detail: Agnes Vogel (Jewish Survivor)

Question  Answer 
Name of Interviewee  Agnes Vogel
Agnes Veronica Vogel (release name) 
Vogel (current name) 
Agnes Veronica Weisz (name at birth) 
Weisz (last name during war) 
Leah (Hebrew name) 
Pearl (Hebrew name) 
Weisz (release maiden name) 
Gender  Female 
Experience  Jewish Survivor 
Name(s), gender, and date of birth of interviewee? Agnes Vogel 
Did the interviewee go into hiding at any point during the war? No 
Was the interviewee involved with any underground, resistance or partisan groups? No 
Did the interviewee flee from a territory that was under Nazi control? No 
Was the interviewee on any forced/death marches? No 
City of birth? Debrecen (Hungary) 
Country of birth? Hungary 
Name(s) of camp(s) in which the interviewee was incarcerated? Strasshof (Austria : Concentration Camp) 
Name(s) of ghetto(s) in which the interviewee was forced to reside? Debrecen (Hungary : Ghetto) 
Prewar religious identity? traditional Judaism 
Postwar religious identity? reform Judaism 
Name(s) of camp(s) in which the interviewee was incarcerated? concentration camps, German 
Who liberated you? armed forces, Soviet 
Where were you liberated? Strasshof (Austria : Concentration Camp) 
City/State of Interview  Indianapolis, IN
Country of Interview  U.S.A. 
Language(s) of Interview  English 
Length of Interview  02:00 
Interview Code  33977 
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